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Our lab is made up of a diverse collection of people who all have a love of psychological research. We try to foster a culture of inclusion where everyone feels a sense of purpose and belonging and where people feel that they can thrive. We are strongly committed to equity, diversity and inclusion (as much of our research illustrates) and welcome you to peruse this website to find out more about what we do!



Professor S. S. Obhi, Ph.D.


Dr Obhi completed his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London (UCL) where he worked on questions relating to sensorimotor control and volition. Following his PhD, Dr. Obhi was a Postdoctoral Fellow at what is now the Brain and Mind Institute at Western University, in London Ontario. Dr. Obhi currently runs the Social Brain, Body and Action Lab and the Social Brain @ Work lab at McMaster University.


Dr. Obhi contributes to the scientific community by serving as a Co-Editor at Experimental Brain Research and a review editor at Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. He was previously an associate editor at Cognitive Neuroscience, Acta Psychologica and the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. Dr. Obhi has more than a decade of experience with academia-industry collaborations and knowledge mobilization activities.

Over time, Dr. Obhi's  core research interests have evolved to focus on understanding the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying human social cognition and behaviour. The lab is especially interested in social cognition and behaviour in the context of social diversity, including consideration of how power and status differences exert their effects on brain and behaviour.

Director and Prinicipal Investigator

Postdoctoral Fellows



Dr. Michael Jenkins

My research originates in visual working memory and visual attention. During my PhD at Birkbeck University, London, under Professor Martin Eimer, I developed skills specialising in the Event-related potential EEG technique. I am now applying these methods to the domain of Social Cognitive Neuroscience, focusing on several research areas. Currently, I am primarily interested in how demographic context (such as the race or gender of others in group contexts) modulates responses to social exclusion.

Graduate Students

Devin Johnson - PhD Student

Currently doing their PhD on Dehumanization in the context of social diversity

Deewa Anwarzi - MSc Student

Currently doing their MSc on social moderators of agency

Undergraduate Research Students


  • Charlotte De Biasi (Fall, 2021)

  • Zoya Pal (21/22)

  • Amitoze Deol (21/22)

  • Caroline Milligan (21/22)

  • Zach Chiodi (21/22)

  • Iqra Abid (Fall, 2021)


Selected alumni

  • Dr. Carl Michael Galang

  • Dr. Sumeet Farwaha

  • Rubina Malik

  • Maria Ershova (former MSc student)

  • Hassan Siddiqui (former QQ student)

  • Maria Nicula (former QQ student)

  • Eric Rushton (former thesis student)

  • Jesse Krusky (former thesis student)

  • Dr. Katherine Naish, PhD

  • Dr. Ciro Civile, PhD

  • Eamon Colvin, BSc

  • Michael Ku, BSc

  • Hussein Oliek, BSc

  • Nadia Nadeem

  • Sarah Blyth, MSc

  • Brittany Barnes, MSc

  • Ann Hascalovitz, BSc

  • Megan Grocholsky

  • Shawna Davies

  • Jeremy Hogeveen, PhD

  • May El Bouri

  • Katherine Zagrodney

  • Sahil Maria

  • Roham Farzami, MSc

  • Kristina Swiderski

  • Preston Hall, MSc

  • Angie Yong 

  • Hanna McCabe-Bennett

  • Carolyn Wilson, PhD

  • Lars Strother, PhD

  • Shannon Matkovitch, MSc

  • Cheryl Lavell, MSc

  • Amir Shabani, PhD

  • Rebecca Decloe, BSc - MSc Candidate

  • Amanda Demmer

  • Sonja Brubacher, PhD

  • Tiffany O'Connor

  • Cigar Kalfouglu, PhD 

  • Carly Romano

  • Suzanne McKay

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